VDLF+VDH series

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VDLF+VDH series
Vertical Multistage Pumps
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VDLF+VDH series is a vertical multistage high pressure pump, flow rate from 0.4m3/h to 34m3/h, head from 50m to 394m.

It can be used for Ultra-filtration system, Reverse osmosis system, Booster system, High pressure washing system, Water supply.

The pump body made of SS316L. Two pumps assembled into one pump set in series, pump is coupled with standard motor by rigid coupling up to 48 bar high pressure.

1. Two pumps (VDLF&VDH) in series can produce up to 48 bar pressure.

2. VDLF pump supplies water, VDH is specially designed high pressure pump.

3. VDH pump is non-priming vertical multistage centrifugal pump installed with standard motor. Inlet & outlet chamber and pump base are in the same line. Rotating direction is the reverse direction of water supply pump, chambers are reverse. The pumped liquid flowed reversely. The cylinder and mechanical seal only bear the outlet pressure of water supply pump, what will increase the reliability.



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